About me

meI was born in Houston, Texas on March 19, 1969. At only 40 days old my parents moved back to Venezuela where I grew up. After 36 years, tons of great experiences, marriage with a great man, 2 adorable daughters whom completed my life as a human being, we decided to move to US to make a better life for our Family. That has been the hardest but best change in my life.

I am a Graphic Designer. Photographer, and lover of all Art.

Since I was a kid I always spent most of my time going to my Dad’s office just to play with his “cool toys”.. CAMERAS! He had them all over the place and nothing was more exciting to me than those amazing artifacts, he even had one of those Minox spy camera! So cool.

When I started studying graphic design, my Dad leant me my first camera and from that moment, it was always by my side. I spent my days between going to classes, taking photos and developing them in my Dad’s darkroom! Now… were not talking digital camera here…35mm film ONLY! Oh! That was so fun and entertaining!

But that was about all I got from the technical and the theory side of photography, after that, everything became an experiment and a game of trial and error which gave me more opportunities to develop my creativity and imagination than the knowledge needed for the technical side.

Not long after moving to the US is when I really bought my first digital camera (Canon Rebel T2i) and became obsessed with photography but realized that I was missing that technical training so I looked for someone who could teach me about settings, relation between subject, lights, apertures, shutter speed.. and the really important…”The how to set up my camera to get what I was seeing in my mind and through my lens.”

Photography and Design are part of the “fabric” I am made of.

Design is my day-to-day activity! My playground. Is where I spend many joyfully hours.

Photography is the median I use to express my view and how I see the world. I approach photography as a storyteller; I believe the last image of the day can be just as important as the first and I like to believe I have a unique style. My hope is for you to feel it!