About me

meI was born in Houston, Texas on March 19, 1969. At only 40 days old my parents moved back to Venezuela where I grew up. After 36 years, tons of great experiences, marriage with a great man, 2 adorable daughters whom completed my life as a human being, we decided to move to US to make a better life for our Family. That has been the hardest but best change in my life.

I am a Graphic Designer. Photographer, and lover of all Art.

• 10+ Years experience
• Effective branding strategist
• Strong organizational skills
• Cross-cultural awareness
• Close attention to detail
• High understanding of social media
• Prints, Tv & Media, Digital

Photography and Design are part of the “fabric” I am made of.

Design is my day-to-day activity! My playground. Is where I spend many joyfully hours.

Photography is the medium I use to express my view and how I see the world. I approach photography as a storyteller; I believe the last image of the day can be just as important as the first and I like to believe I have a unique style. My hope is for you to feel it!